Artificial Intelligence is a unique opportunity for radiologists. By partnering with the machine, they will be able to deliver more clinical value for more patients, faster, with more quality.... A new era is starting, the age of Augmented Radiology™!

Saving Time

Augmented Radiology™ is less time with your workstations, more time with your patients, more time to collaborate with clinical teams.

Saving Lives

Augmented Radiology™ is the cornerstone of precision medicine with more value delivered for each exam and more value through the patient pathway.


Lead the revolution of Augmented Radiology™design & validate the solutions needed for your team and your patients and get the credit for it.

Focusing on what matters

Deep Learning applications are excellent for triage. By grouping together normal cases and pathological cases, the radiologist can focus his attention on complex cases. He can bring a faster and reassuring answer to the patient when everything is normal while spending more time with the patient that need it more.

Bring radiology expertise
where it is most needed

Deep Learning techniques are affordable, quick and easy to implement. They can bring solutions in places where there is no trained radiologist. Tuberculosis for example can be cured in 6 months with timely detection and effective treatment. By combining digital Xray device and deep learning tuberculosis detection, it can save the lives of thousands of people.

Say more than what you see

Deep Learning applications do things very well that radiologist don’t want to do. Segment, contour measure & classify automatically. Apply in routine imaging standards like BI-RADS, LI-RADS, PI-RADS. Allow clinicians to make decisions based on data.

Be part of a community

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Speak up. Be heard.

Primum non Nocere” – by joining Incepto’s community, you make sure that the highest attention is given to the patient, the protection of personal data and the clinical relevance of the applications, in compliance with the ethical obligations and professional behaviour of a doctor to his patients and wider society.