Lung Cancer

Veye Chest by Aidence

Helping radiologists improve their reporting in the treatment of lung cancer.

Automated pulmonary nodule management assistant

Lung cancer is the first cause of death by cancer in France alone with survival rate at 5 years of only 15%. If detected early, at stage I, survival rate at 5 years reaches 80%. Implementing lung screening is very promising to reduce the mortality of this disease. But whether in routine or screening setting, analysing the roughly 300 images of a chest CT can be exhausting and error-prone.
Monitoring nodule progression requires manual analysis and comparison of multiple scans, that are time-consuming and tedious tasks.

What if an intuitive AI solution could automatically manage pulmonary nodules?

Veye Chest streamlines the radiologist’s workflow by automatically detecting, classifying and tracking pulmonary nodules growth. First fully automated pulmonary nodule management solution, Veye Chest includes an automated and patented priors analysis.

Veye Chest is CE marked and can be used as second or concurrent reader. Fully integrated in the PACS, and compliant with DICOM standards, Veye Chest delivers its results before you start reading the scan.

Nodule detection, segmentation & classification volume calculation and 3D rendering are automated prior retrieval from the PACS. Without additional upload time or change of interface, you are able to check the results, and include them in a guideline-driven report.

Expected benefits

  • Streamlining your workflow by delivering measurements automatically in the PACS before you start reporting.
  • Increasing your confidence in lung nodule management with fully automated nodules detection, accurate measurements and very few false positives.
  • Decreasing time to generate reports by presenting all results in one view: location, volume and growth rate, according to the European guidelines.

What Radiologists are saying

Veye Chest helps by automatically detecting the nodules, measuring them, and comparing them with previous images, all in the background, without any interaction needed from me. Veye Chest will help us spend more time with both patients and clinicians, and do our job better.

Dr Wouter de Monyé, Spaarne Gasthuis, Haarlem, Netherlands


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