Online Expertise Sharing

Collective Minds Radiology

Online service to get support on cases,
share expertise and learn from others

Human Expertise at the heart of the Digital Experience

Ever wished to share a case with a colleague for a second opinion?
Ever participated in a study where the only way to exchange data was mailing DVDs?
Ever wished to participate in a network of peers in your specialty?

What if an online solution could help you share cases with your colleagues in DICOM format in a completely secure manner?

Collective Minds® Radiology is a platform for radiologists to collaboratively establish diagnosis around imaging findings.

  • Share mutiple exams per case, annotate them and comment on other users posts.
  • Create completely customizable groups, per specialty, within your hospital, a clinical study group, or the entire network.

Expected benefits

  • Increased accuracy of radiology services everywhere.
  • Less experienced Radiologists education for excellence on a global stage.
  • Faster and more agile Radiology services.
  • Global expertise sharing anywhere, anytime.

What Radiologists are saying

Collective Minds® Radiology facilitates sharing of knowledge in diagnostic imaging at all levels of expertise. I am really excited to see the impact of this platform.

Dr. Lennart Blomqvist, Founder and Professor of Radiology at Karolinska Institute.