Emergency Room

Boneview by Gleamer

Fracture Detection on Extremities X-Ray

A solution for fracture detection on extremities X-Ray

Every year, nearly 11 million traumatic radios are made in France to detect fractures. If this is the most common examination, especially in emergency departments, the conditions for interpretation remain difficult for doctors: incomplete or inaccurate clinical information, flow of non-programmed exams, sometimes complicated reading, lack of time to analyze each case, etc.

What if an AI solution could detect even the most subtle fractures?

Based on proprietary technology from more than two years of research, BoneView detects fractures in the image and presents them to the practitioner directly on screen, without any other logistical constraints for the doctor.

Expected benefits

  • Secure your diagnosis when interpreting extremity radios.
  • Gain time directing your attention to fractures detected by AI and negating other cases more quickly.
  • Optimize your workflow by prioritizing files where a fracture has been detected and reorganizing support.
  • Integrate a decision support tool into your workflow – without slowing down.

A robust solution

“Helping Radiologists calls for the highest level of quality. To reach it, we designed an ambitous clinical study involving 6 Radiologists and 6 emergency physicians who were tasked with the interpretation of 600 trauma XRay reading, half using BoneView and the other half alone. The results are impressive: praticiens helped with AI missed 30% less fractures, while reading in a significally shorter time».
Christian Allouche, CEO Gleamer