Nuclear Medicine

Subtle PET by Subtle Medical

AI-powered software solution to enhance images from up to 4x faster PET scans

Nuclear Medicine Image Quality Improvement

With more than 300 000 exams performed every year in France, PET/CT has become the go-to solution for diagnosing and monitoring cancers. But the high acquisition time required by the tool makes it tedious both for the physicians and the patients. SubtlePET brings a solution by dividing by four the recording time of a PET-scan exam.

What if an IA solution could drastically decrease the acquisition time required for a PET-scan exam ?

Developed from proprietary deep learning algorithms, SubtlePET allows you to divide by four the required acquisition time for a PET-Scan. Using the result of a much shorter exam, SubtlePET technology enhances and denoises the picture to obtain a clinically-equivalent image, making sure the final diagnosis stays the same. 

Expected benefits

  • Improve the patient experience by reducing the scanning time.
  • Increase your efficiency by scanning more patients a day.
  • Sign up for a virtual upgrade of your scanners whatever their brand, without needing to invest in new equipements.
  • Integrate an AI tool to streamline your workflow without slowing you down.

What Specialist are saying

In addition to the quality of the SubtlePET-enhanced images being indistinguishable from the standard images, there were no artifacts and the lesion detectability was excellent. I can absolutely see this improving both radiology workflow and the patient experience.

Peter Giuliano, MD Department Chair and Director of the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Hoag Hospital (California)


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