Incepto Medical™'s core team: centered on customer needs, the foundation of our unique team is based on sharing, expertise, passion, humility and integrity.


Antoine Jomier

CEO and Founder

  • Experienced sales & marketing leader with passion for innovation and market creation in Healthcare
  • Led start up acquisition, integration and market creation for GE Healthcare.
  • Led large business in Medical Imaging for GE Healthcare with strong track record

Dr Gaspard d’Assignies (MD, PhD)

CMO and Founder

  • Senior radiologist specialized in interventional radiology and oncology.
  • Led research in the fields of computer vision, quantitative imaging and deep learning.
  • Co-founder of the AI working group at the french society of radiology.

Florence Moreau

CTO and Founder

  • Experienced R&D leader dedicated to software medical devices in radiology, specialized in applied mathematics
  • Built innovative strategies and coached software teams in Europe for the delivery of Cloud-based medical applications.

– Integrity –

”Primum non nocere”, the Hippocratic Oath 


Benoit Bayol PhD

Senior Lead Software Engineer

  • PhD, Experienced Software Engineer in applied mathematics, deep learning, data science and, of course, software development.
  • Technically coaching new team members

Sylvain Rouquette

Software Architect

  • Experienced in design and software development of complex cloud-based systems such as gaming and 3D medical imaging.
  • Technical mentor in full stack development.

Nicolas Dehouck

Senior Software Engineer

  • Experienced in high demanding back-end software for medical imaging
  • Built Cloud-based medical applications for a Fortune 500 company

– Expertise –

“He who is not progressing every day, every day backs”. Confucius  


Axel Hars

Head of innovation & partnership

  • Experienced entrepreneur in innovative startup and market creation
  • Team leader for strategy and business development in healthcare
  • Led startup and small businesses

Younès Atmani

Business Developer

  • International student at École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and Polytechnique Montréal.
  • Analyst in digital marketing strategy and financing

Igor Dniestrowski

Market Innovation Leader

  • Experienced in machine learning project leadership with customers
  • Knowledge of Cloud-based infrastructures

– Passion & Humility –

“The excess of seriousness reveals a lack of virtue”, Saint Thomas 


Rémi Sanchez

Data Scientist

  • Final year student at Télécom ParisTech
  • Exerienced in computer science and machine learning

Martin Charachon

Data scientist

  • Last year student at Mines de Paris
  • Specialization in applied mathematics, physics, biology

Fleur Monnet

Data Manager

  • Graduate from Polytech Lyon as a biomedical engineer with a Master in Data science
  • Data manager in order to retrieve structure and analyze data

Charlotte Pouchy PhD

Clinical research leader

  • Experienced in clinical research management in medical imaging analysis compagny
  • Tech transfer management of Inserm cohorts and clinial studies

Roberto Ardon PhD

Chief Data Scientist

  • Experienced senior data scientist in the domain of Computer Vision and Deep Learning dedicated to medical images
  • Built innovative solutions dedicated to radiology
  • Strong research skills and wide list of publications

Pascal Zille PhD

Data Scientist

  • Experienced in Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • Developed and published various computational models for medical images analysis

Chloé Adam PhD

Data Scientist

  • Expertise in machine learning and natural language processing
  • Experienced in innovative solutions for medical imaging softwares

Laurence Gavit PhD

Chief Clinical Officer

  • 20 years of experience in the Medical Imaging field
  • Expert in Interventional Cardiology and Radiology – Scientific & Clinical Research
  • Collaboration with 30+ clinical institutions worldwide

Anne Rossion

Communication Manager

  • ENA student
  • Expert in IP & Competition Regulation

– Sharing –

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan


Vincent Barrau


  • Senior Radiologist at Centre Cardiologique du Nord and APHP – Beaujon in Paris France.
  • Actively involved in industrial partnership with Siemens and GE Healthcare to validate new imaging products and applications in computed tomography and magnetic resonance.

Jean Michel Malbrancq


  • CEO of Hopital Marie Lannelongue and former CEO of GE Healthcare Europe for 8 years
  • Well-respected leader in the Healthcare industry through Europe.

Prof. Dr. Paul M. Parizel

Associate & Senior Advisor

  • Neuroradiologist, Professor & Chair, Department of Radiology, Antwerp University Hospital.
  • Author of more than 380 peer-reviewed scientific papers.
  • Past president of the Royal Belgian Radiological Society (RBRS), European Society of Neuroradiology (ESNR), and European Society of Radiology (ESR).

Baudouin Michelet PhD

Associate & Strategy Advisor

  • Lead individuals, teams and organizations towards high engagement and performance. Structured complex situations into clear strategies, plans and execution to deliver value.
  • Experience leader in the pharma industry with senior leadership roles in Innovation, Strategy, Human Ressources and Change Management @ UCB Pharma and McKinsey & Co.

Jérôme Vadon

Associate & Design Advisor

  • French senior global designer and futurologist, with innovation, creativity process, HiTech & IT expertise.
  • Global design expertise: Industrial design (Vehicle, furniture, object),innovative products,user experience,logo design, name branding and brand strategy.
  • Side expertise: VR/AR/MR & HUD, A.M. (3D printing & co), nano techs, blue economy.

Pierre Guntzer

Associate & Healthcare IT Advisor

  • Unique skills in interoperability standards DICOM and HL7. Actively engaged in DICOM work groups. Java Teacher at EPITECH, leading institution in computer science in France

Dr Francis Besse


  • Interventional radiologist – CEO of Imaging Group CCN – Paris France
  • Co-organizer of High Tech périphérique congress and symposium on artificial intelligence and Imaging at College de France
  • Serial entrepreneur in field as diverse as Imaging, Agriculture, Horse

François Decle

HR Advisor

  • Senior Human Resource leader with experience in large corporate organizations, start-ups and SME.