AI solution for aortic diameter automatic measurement

ARVA, for “Augmented Radiology for Vascular Aneurysm“, is a solution for automatic measurement of the maximum transverse diameter of the aortaARVA is the first algorithm that provides the aortic maximum diameter, external wall includedeven in presence of a stent-graft. It is compatible with all types of machines and integrates automatically into the radiologist’s usual reading environments, PACS or review stations 

Automate and standardize aortic diameter measurements on pre and post-surgery CT scans 

ARVA automatically determines the maximum diameter of the aorta (including the external wall and the thrombus) on each aortic section (S1 to S7)   

Analysis of the maximum aortic diameter evolution in case of presence of anterior exams in the PACS  

ARVA automatically retrieves and analyzes anterior exams and compares diameters by aortic section  

Automated production of a structured report directly available in tour PACS or review station 

The report contains a 3D reconstruction of the aorta, key images of maximum diameters on planes transverse to the centerline, and a table of maximum diameter evolution by section 

Save Time

Save time by fully automating time-consuming tasks such as measuring the maximum diameter or comparing with prior exams 

standardize patient monitoring

 Reduce intra- and inter-operator variability and standardize patient monitoring 

Integrate AI support

Integrate AI support directly into your existing infrastructure and work environment 

Save time, secure your diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto


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Save time, secure your diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto

Save time, secure diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto