Saving time.

Saving lives.


By leveraging deep learning disruption,
Incepto is building the radiology of the future:
more reliable, faster, for more patients.

Incepto provides a collaborative environment to co-create, develop and distribute revolutionary applications for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Incepto is the European company that delivers the full potential of artificial intelligence applications to radiology teams, clinicians and their patients.

Our company provides physicians and researchers with the environment to produce these algorithms in a transparent, collaborative and secured way.

Augmented Radiology™

The radiology of the future

What if an algorithm could tell you whether you have cancer based on your CT scan or mammography exam? While radiology has never been so consistent and accurate, radiologists now face the limit of the amount of data that the human brain can process. The radiology of the future will have to solve complex issues with full certainty by analyzing and comparing millions of similar cases, supervising and fluidizing the diagnostic processes and all other repetitive tasks. All of this and much more, in an instant, at radiologist’s expertise service. This is Augmented Radiology™.

A European solution, fully compliant with applicable regulations for medical software, with personal data protection rules, with the obligations and professional behaviour of a doctor to his patients and wider society, as documented in the Codes of Medical Ethics.













A collaborative ecosystem

At Incepto, we believe that the creation of AI-based applications relevant in medicine implies a collaboration between caregivers, patients and researchers from the different scientific domains (medicine, computer science, data science and mathematics).

Incepto offers a unique environment to co-create AI based application: secure data collection, data enrichment and labelling, medical application development, integration in a clinical workflow.

A collaborative ecosystem around services and AI-based medical applications

Classical radiology vs Augmented Radiology™