AI-based triage tool to flag suspected acute Intracranial Hemorrhage on head non-contrast CT Scan 

Triage Tool for Detection and Prioritization of traumatic Brain Injuries and Hemorrhagic Stroke on Non-enhanced (non-contrast) head CT images. Five types of ICH are detected: Intraparenchymal, Intraventricular, Subarachnoid, Subdural, and Epidural.

Incepto ecran prdouit CINA-ICH
Five types of ICH are detected:

Intraparenchymal, Intraventricular, Subarachnoid, Subdural, and Epidural.

ICH results are sent directly to the PACS.

In the form of an additional axial series resliced in 5mm. If ICH suspected with a bounding box around the hemorrhage and the mention “Suspected ICH identified”. If no ICH is identified: one single slice with the mention ”No findings suggestive of ICH identified”).

Triage & notification:

Information for triage column in the PACS or other notification system can be sent via DICOM or HL7.

Reduces turnaround time


Reduces turnaround time for head trauma and stroke patients. 



Helps to quickly and accurately identify ICH to facilitate decision-making, ensure a prompt therapeutic response, and ultimately improve patient outcomes. 

Save time, secure your diagnosis and optimise your workflow with Incepto


“When dealing with a stroke, time is of the essence, and being able to prioritize effectively is critical to saving lives and improving outcomes. Not only does CINA helps radiologists to identify pathologies quickly, but also to highlight those that require the most urgent care.”

Dr Peter Chang,​

UC Irvine School of Medicine (United States)


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Founded in 2018, Avicenna.AI was born from a collaboration between Cyril Di Grandi, a software and medical device expert, and Peter Chang, MD, a radiologist and AI expert.

The company has assembled a team of experienced, dynamic and motivated professionals from multiple fields of expertise, from radiologists to software engineers, who believe in the power of new technologies to meet today’s clinical needs.

The CINA medical device is a regulated health product that carries the CE mark, Class I. Manufacturer: AVICENNA.AI. CINA is a diagnostic tool and should not be used alone to recommend medical management for diagnostic purposes. Please read the instructions in the user manual carefully. Please contact for more information. Last update: 14/02/2023

Save time, secure diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto