imaging data enrichment tool for your AI projects

Genesis transforms dormant data into qualified data for clinical research and co-creation of artificial intelligence models. Built to be used by radiologists, Genesis platform is a tool for your research projects facilitating the process of annotating medical images: automatic labeling of reports, assisted segmentations, worklists, etc.

Collection and pseudonymization of imaging data

Data collected, even when they are enriched, remains the property of the supplier clinical site and no use or communication is made by Incepto. The Genesis platform pseudomizes the data before it is sent by secure communication on an HDS-certified Cloud platform in the European Union.

Diversified and AI-assisted annotations of imaging data

Genesis allows radiologists to perform different types of annotations on the same exam (textual, binary or n-class classification, bounding boxes, etc.). Annotations are guided by AI to ensure optimal quality.

Multi-site project management using worklists

Genesis allows work distribution between several annotators and makes it possible to monitor complex projects (recovery rate, result consolidation, action tracking, etc.).

  • co-creation
  • clinical study
  • data
  • annotation
  • segmentation
  • medical imaging
  • RGPD



Reduce the cost and workload burden of annotating images with a single, functional and intelligent platform.



Work in a completely secure environment in strict compliance with the current standards and norms



Keep the ownership of your data and control in real time usage and processing of this data by Genesis.

Save time and streamline your workflow with Incepto

Save time, secure diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto