AI solution for diagnostic assistance for knee MRI

KEROS is an Artificial Intelligence Augmented Radiology solution for knee MRI. It automatically analyzes the main anatomical structures of the knee and detects lesions of ligaments, menisci and cartilages. It is compatible with all types of machines and integrates automatically into the radiologist’s usual reading environments, PACS or review stations 

Detection and characterization of lesions 

KEROS detects and characterizes lesions of ligaments, menisci and cartilages.

Automatic generation of a pre-filled report  

KEROS generates automatically a pre-filled report, either a detailed report in PDF format, or a synthetic report in “Secondary Capture” format. This report is available on your PACS or review station as an additional series.

  • MRI
  • KNEE
  • PACS
  • AI

Improve diagnostic performance


Improve diagnostic performance

Structuring of the communication


With patients and correspondents

Save time


Acceleration of the interpretation of exams

Save time, secure your diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto


“We have been using KEROS at the clinic for over a year for the interpretation of our knee MRIs. Our experience with the solution is that it reinforces the reliability of the diagnosis made by the radiologist and allows him to go straight to the point in his exploration, by identifying beforehand the lesions potentially present in the structures analyzed. A tool that will surely become indispensable, especially for examinations of patients managed in a traumatic context!”

Dr Stephen Binsse,

APHP and imaging center Soissons



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Save time, secure your diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto

Save time, secure diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto