PAIRE™ acts as a safety net in the interpretation of PET/CT examinations and provides access to new clinical indicators such as TMTV.

PAIRE™ is an artificial intelligence solution that supports nuclear physicians in their decision making.Once PET and CT series are acquired, PAIRE™ detects and segments lesions on PET-CT scans to extract features usually reported in reports.

A MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection) which is a 2D projection of the 3D PET series with the lesions highlighted  

A series of PET scans showing only the pathological lesions

A series containing the key images (coronal, sagittal and axial fusion, and coronal PET) of each lesion detected

Save time


Save time

Reducing doctor's stress


Reducing doctor’s stress

Increasing the accuracy of measurements


Increasing the accuracy of measurements

Save time, secure your diagnosis and optimise your workflow with Incepto


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As a leader in the field of artificial intelligence applied to nuclear medicine, PAIRE implements a local server capable of assisting you in the interpretation of your FDG PET scans to increase awareness of abnormalities, estimate metabolic volumes and much more. The data is not stored or sent to remote servers, you remain in control.

The PaIRe medical device is a regulated health product that carries the CE mark, Class I. Manufacturer: IB PaIRe.PaIRe is a diagnostic tool and should not be used alone to recommend medical management for diagnostic purposes. Please read the instructions in the user manual carefully. Please contactercontact@incepto-medical.compour for more information. Last update :15/03/2022

Save time, secure diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto