AI solution for MRI sequences optimization

SubtleMR is an artificial intelligence solution that optimizes MRI sequences.  This solution applies to all anatomies, all machines, all field strengths up to 3T and 99% of sequences, in 2D and 3D. SubtleMR fits seamlessly into your current workflow. The standard protocol is replaced by a fast protocol (time reduction up to 45%). This accelerated series is then enhanced by SubtleMR to obtain an image of equivalent quality. This final image is available on your PACS or review station as an additional series.    


Improvement of the SNR of accelerated series.

Resolution enhancement  

Enhancing the spatial resolution of accelerated series.

  • MRI
  • nuclear medecine
  • scanner

Higher throughput

SubtleMR enables sites to acquire image sequences faster while maintaining superior diagnostic image quality.

Virtual upgrade to your scanner

SubtleMR can can boost scanner performance across your entire fleet. 

Improved quality

SubtleMR applies two methods of image enhancement — denoising and super resolution — to improve the image quality of faster MRI scans. 

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