By leveraging Deep Learning disruption, Incepto is building Augmented Radiology™, the radiology of the future: more reliable, faster, for more patients. Incepto provides a collaborative environment to co-create, develop and distribute these revolutionary applications for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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Design and validate your AI application

You are recognized as an expert by your peers, you have already published and have very interesting research data sets, your institution has access to large data sets and is looking for ways to value them: you want to lead the AI revolution in Imaging…

Discover & Tech Foundation

AI application will be as clever as what we ask it to do . Initial phase of discovery and design is central to the value creation process.


Data Stage

From unstructured data to contextual, annotated and task ready data sets.


Learning Stage

Create and assess AI model. Use up to date machine learning algorithms


Testing Stage & integration

Test & Validate the model to publish and share results with the community.

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More and more Incepti means more and more applications, all gathered undered Incepto Folio™ umbrella. All in one, Incepto Folio™ will provide you a simple, easy and unique access to an unlimited set of applications.

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In the fields of MSK, Oncology, Neurology, Vascular and Cardiology, Incepto Folio will offer you the best of Incepto Premier validated applications as well as the best AI applications on the marketplace.