We co-create & distribute AI apps for medical imaging.
On a single platform.


Saving time.

Saving lives.


Our Vision

A future where Physicians can focus on their patients thanks to the right AI-powered tools.

Distributing AI Solutions

Dozen of startups are emerging in the field of Radiology, leveraging the power of AI and powerful computing. We partner and select the best to deliver a curated portfolio through a single integrated platform, in the existing Radiology workflow, for practical routine use.

Co-creating AI With Doctors

Medical Imaging demand keeps increasing, at a pace overwhelming for Healthcare systems and Radiologists in particular. AI offers the opportunity to solve some of these issues. Our co-creation programs empower Physicians and Data Scientists to define and create the tools that they need.

Why we do it

Technology is reshaping everything around us. Business and even society models are disrupted. Legitimate concerns and fears are discussed.

But at Incepto, we believe that by gathering forces from multiple backgrounds we have the opportunity to contribute to improving Healthcare via “Augmented Radiology”.

AI innovative tools can empower Physicians, saving time, allowing them to improve patient care.

How we do it

Our team is the cornerstone of our success, composed of a mix of diverse backgrounds and experiences, and compiling dozens of years in Healthcare and Data Science. But we also partner with expert innovative startups and forward-thinking physicians.

Our values:
Sharing –Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” , Michael Jordan
Passion –He who is not progressing every day, every day backs.”, Confucius
Humility & Expertise –The excess of seriousness reveals a lack of virtue.”, Saint Thomas
Integrity –Primum non nocere”, the Hippocratic Oath

Our Ecosystem

Saving time.

Saving lives.