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Augmented diagnosis, quantification, characterization, image reconstruction… medical artificial intelligence at your fingertips for radiology.

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Our mission

Develop and distribute artificial intelligence tools for a more precise and human radiology.

Our ambition is to become the leading platform for artificial intelligence solutions for all radiology specialties. To achieve this goal, we bring together a community of partners, AI producers and radiologists, who share our vision of technology serving people.


We curate a portfolio of AI solutions within a unified, secure and interoperable platform. Our technical and medical teams is on a constant market watch for new AI solutions available and work hand in hand with our existing AI partners.


Our scientific and medical teams are developing artificial intelligence solutions on clinical verticals not currently adressed by our partners. We work closely with reference centers to offer solutions that meet the most demanding clinical validation standards.



“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Michael Jordan



“He who is not progressing every day, every day backs.”


Expertise & Humility


“The excess of seriousness reveals a lack of virtue.”

St. Thomas Aquinas



« Primum non nocere (First, do no harm) »

The Hippocratic Oath

Our Team

Antoine Jomier

Florence Moreau

Gaspard d’Assignies

Jérome Vadon

Roberto Ardon

Laurence Gavit

Aurore Harbonnier

Clemens Janus

Miguel Gomes

Guillaume Herpe

Maria Elena Laino

Kevin Maarek

Margaux Irondelle

Stéphane Maquaire

Verena Grapengeter

Laurie Heron

Antoine de La Bassetière

Charlotte Halb

Olivier Sanchez

Julien Deville

Cedrik Delannoy

Solim Wapo Mayaba

Sophie Milliotte

Alfonso Martinez

Patrick Gilli

Frank Hofgaertner

Julie Victor

Sylvain Rouquette

Lucien Bill

Soumiya El Idrissi

Alexandre Lemaresquier

Valérian Vincent

Lucas Delannoy

Romina Villalvazo Pimienta

Pascal Zille

Tom Vesoul

Benoît Bayol

Chloé Adam

Walid Yassine

Deyvi Zuniga

Nicolas Dehouck

Léo Alberge

Camille Ruppli

Philippine Cordelle

Pierre-Adrien Ponthieu

Martin Charachon

Bénédicte Oulhen

Maud Regnier

Fanny Cohen

Claire Turcry

Fanny Boutevin

Gregoire Avignon

Mathieu Ficara

Maïlys Rheins

Maxence Wallaert

Christel Recco

Manal Riani

Henri Enza

Sebastien Fourneau

Timothée de Butler

Rémi Sanchez

Caroline Favart

David Goyard

Clémence Morillot

Sandrine Aimé

Gautier Lehobey

Dr Vincent Barrau

Jean Michel Malbrancq

Catherine Boule

Baudoin Michelet

Chahra Louafi

Dominique Blanc

Prof. Dr Paul M Parizel

François Robinet

Romain Nicot

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