Collective Minds Radiology

Online service to get support on cases, share expertise and learn from others

Collective Minds® Radiology is a platform for radiologists to collaboratively diagnose imaging results and join an integrated and secure network with colleagues. The platform allows radiologists to instantly share a case with a colleague for additional advice, but also to facilitate data transfer as part of a study.

Share and exchange patient exams in DICOM format

Exams are shared on the Collective Minds Radiology platform. It is possible to annotate these reviews and to comment on posts from other users.

Creation of fully customizable groups

Groups can be created by specialty, within your hospital, within a clinical study group, or across the network.

  • knowledge sharing
  • annotation
  • research
  • clinical study
  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • x-ray
  • mammography

Increase accuracy


Increase accuracy of your radiology departments, anywhere.

Coach and train


Coach and train less experienced radiologists to achieve global excellence.

Access global


Access global expertise anywhere, anytime.

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Collective Minds® Radiology facilite le partage des connaissances en imagerie diagnostique à tous les niveaux d’expertise. Je suis vraiment impatient de voir l’impact de cette plateforme.

Dr. Lennart Blomqvist,

Fondateur de Collective Minds,
Professeur de radiologie au Karolinska Institute

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