We are developing, with radiologists, the artificial intelligence tools of tomorrow. And because AI projects are multiplying in healthcare facilities, we are distributing tools that enable healthcare professionals to develop their own AI solutions.

Genesis, our medical image enrichment tool available for your AI projects.

Annotation of medical images is central for the development of AI solutions and the collaboration between radiologists and data scientists is key. To facilitate this process and make it accessible to as many people as possible, we have developed a robust and intelligent tool: worklist, automatic labeling of reports, assisted segmentations, etc.

Develop your own AI solutions with Genesis, our medical image enrichment tool

Built-in to be used by radiologists, the Genesis platform serves your research projects. We integrate the platform into the environment and the hospital infrastructure and provide the necessary project support upon request.

Co-create an AI solution with Incepto on clinical verticals not covered in the market

Our scientific team is developing, in collaboration with radiologists, its own applications to enrich our platform with AI solutions. Convinced that radiologists are in the best position to participate in the construction of these solutions, we are developing all of our projects in partnership with reference centers.

Our co-creation solutions available


AI solution for knee MRI interpretation


AI solution to standardize aortic aneurysm measurement

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