AI solution for automatic analysis of pelvic or hip radiographs.

HIPPO™, for “Hip Positioning Assistant”, assists healthcare professionals during pelvic and hip geometry measurements. On bilateral standing images, HIPPO detects the presence of pelvic obliquity.

Automate and standardise measurements of pelvic and hip geometry.
Automated production of a structured report

Directly available in PACS or your review station. The results can also be sent as text in the RIS to facilitate radiology report writing.

Save time

with automated measurements of pelvic and hip geometry.

standardise your patient follow-up

Reduce the variability of intra and inter operator estimates

Integrate AI assistance

directly in your existing infrastructure and in your usual working environment

Save time, reassure your diagnosis and streamline your workflow with Incepto


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Founded in 2016, ImageBiopsy Lab (IB Lab) is a leading company in the field of AI-assisted musculoskeletal imaging solutions. ImageBiospy Lab’s mission is to improve the quality of life for more than one billion patients suffering from musculoskeletal diseases by providing AI-assisted imaging applications that optimise medical workflows and enable the prevention, early detection, and management of musculoskeletal diseases.

The HIPPO medical device is a regulated health product that carries the CE mark, Class I. Manufacturer: IB Lab GmbH. HIPPO is a diagnostic tool and should not be used alone to recommend medical management for diagnostic purposes. Please read the instructions in the user manual carefully. Please contact contact@incepto-medical.com for further information. Last update: 26/03/2024

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