SmartUrgences ​

AI solution for the diagnosis of chest X-rays and traumatic bone injuries

SmartUrgences® is a solution dedicated to the processing of emergency and scheduled radiographic workflows, both adult and paediatric, covering both traumatic and thoracic bone pathologies.
SmartUrgences provides radiologists and emergency physicians with an automatic and instantaneous second reading of X-rays directly in their usual reading environment.


Detection, localization and prioritization of 7 families of pathologies in one solution: Fractures, dislocations, elbow joint effusions, opacities, pulmonary nodules, pleural effusions and pneumothorax.

Directly available in PACS or your review station. Each radiographic image of the examination is enriched with bounding boxes around the lesion areas or suspected lesions.  ​

Classification and triage of examinations into three categories: presence, doubt or absence of lesion. 

This automatic sorting of cases into three categories, and thus the rapid identification of normal cases, can be presented directly on the patient list. ​

Benefit from the help of AI

Directly in your usual reading environment

Confirm your diagnoses

Increase practitioners’ confidence in their diagnosis and decrease the number of missed lesions in the emergency room thanks to a negative predictive value (NPV) of 99.2% and a high sensitivity.

Improve management.

Prioritize and streamline patient care in the emergency department

Save time, secure your diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto

Promote a useful and accessible AI! This is the promise of Milvue.
Since 2018, Milvue benefits from a double expertise in artificial intelligence and in the field of health. Through the development of innovative solutions using Deep Learning on medical data, Milvue offers healthcare actors the tools to accelerate, secure and optimize the workflow and management of patients in emergency and imaging services. More than just predictive and collaborative tools, Milvue’s solutions are created by and for doctors and respond to the priority issue of improving the healthcare system by optimizing both patient flows and costs. Incubated in Paris Bio Santé, French Tech Seed certified, member of Medicen and French Healthcare and with a fund raising of 8 million euros at the end of 2021, Milvue now has more than 35 employees, equips more than 50 clients in routine and carries out numerous clinical and medico-economic study projects.

The SmartUrgences® medical device is a regulated health product that bears the CE mark, Class IIa. Notified body: BSI. n°2797. Manufacturer: Milvue. SmartUrgences® is a diagnostic tool and cannot be used alone to recommend medical management for diagnostic purposes. Please read the instructions in the user manual carefully. Please contact contact@incepto-medical.compour for more information. Last update: :06/06/2022

Save time, secure diagnosis and optimize your workflow with Incepto