Veye Lung Nodules

AI solution for lung nodule detection and management on chest CT scans

Veye Lung Nodules supports radiologists in detecting and assessing pulmonary nodules on chest CTs. It automatically analyses hundreds of DICOM images scan to detecte, quantify, measure, classify and track the growth of pulmonary nodules. Veye Lung Nodules delivers its results in a fully integrated environment, within the usual radiology workflow and infrastructure.

Automatic detection and characterisation of pulmonary nodules

Veye Lung Nodules performs measurements in 2D and 3D settings, classifies solid and sub-solid nodules (including groundglass opacity) and has an adjustable detection threshold.

Lung nodule growth assessment if most recent prior available in the PACS

Veye Lung Nodules retrieves the most recent prior, if available, and automatically assesses the growth percentage and volume doubling time (VDT) for each nodule.

Automatic generation of a guideline-driven report and integration of an additional series directly into the PACS

Veye Reporting prepopulates a report with results from Veye Lung Nodules, following lung cancer screening protocols. The report contains a complete description of every nodule detected (diameter, volume, typology, VDT, ..) and a 3D rendering.

  • lung cancer
  • nodule
  • pulmonary
  • scanner
  • chest CT
  • detection
  • growth assessment

Save time


Save time by fully automating cumbersome tasks such as nodule measurements and prior comparison

Improve accuracy


Reduce the variability of intra- and inter-observer measurements and standardise patient follow-up

Integrate in your infrastructure


Integrate an AI assistant tool into your existing and standard workflow and infrastructure

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“Veye Lung Nodules helps us by automatically detecting the nodules, measuring them and comparing them to the previous images. It helps us spend more time with patients and practitioners, and do our jobs better.”

Dr Wouter de Monyé,

Spaarne Gasthuis,
Haarlem, the Netherlands


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The Veye Chest product has been developed since 2015 by Dutch start-up Aidence. At the crossroads of medical, data science and software development, Aidence aims to revolutionise lung imaging. Their cutting-edge technology has enabled them to raise more than €12 million and to have a presence throughout Europe (UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and France).

The Veye Lung Nodules medical device is a regulated health product bearing the CE mark, Class IIb. Notified body: DEKRA Certification B.V. n°0344. Manufacturer: Aidence B.V.

Veye Lung Nodules is a diagnostic aid and should not be used on its own to recommend medical management for diagnostic purposes. Please read the user manual carefully. Please contact for further information. Last update : 25/03/2024

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