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Veye Lung Nodules

AI solution for lung nodule detection and management on chest CT scans

Veye Lung Nodules supports radiologist in detecting and assessing pulmonary nodules in tomodensitometry. Veye Lung Nodules automatically analyze hundreds of DICOM images from a chest CT scan to detecte, quantify, classify and track nodules, in a fully integrated environment with the usual radiology workflow and infrastructure.

Automatic detection and caracterization of pulmonary nodules

Veye Lung Nodules performs measures in 2D and 3D settings, classify solid and sub-solid nodules (including ground glass opacity) and has an adjustable detection threshold.

Lung nodule growth assessment if most prior recent exam available in the PACS

Veye Lung Nodules automatically assess growth percentages and volume doubling times (VDT).

Automatic generation of a guideline-driven report and integration of an additional serie directly into the PACS

Veye reporting is populated with informations about lung nodules detection and growth assessment. Report contains a full description on every nodule detected (diametre, volume, typology, VDT, ..) and a 3D rendering.

  • lung cancer
  • nodule
  • pulmonary
  • scanner
  • chest CT
  • detection
  • growth assessment

Save time


Save time through a fully automated assistant tool making cumbersome tasks like nodule measurements and simpler

Improve accuracy


Improve accuracy with a second or concurrent reader and standardize disease management for your patients

Integrate in your infrastructure


Integrate an AI assistant tool in your existing and standard workflow and infrastructure

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Veye Chest nous aide en détectant automatiquement les nodules, en les mesurant et en les comparant en parallèle aux images précédentes. Cela nous aide à passer plus de temps avec les patients et les praticiens, et à mieux faire notre travail.

Dr Wouter de Monyé,

Spaarne Gasthuis,
Haarlem, Pays-Bas


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