Meet the Team

A journey is not only about what we do but also about how we do it, with whom and which values.

Our team

At Incepto, we have the privilege of working alongside great talents. We have all become experts in our respective fields. What drives us forward is the same will to put A.I. to the best possible use: saving lives. This vision allows us to steer our company into the right direction everyday. A lot of change needs to happen fast, and we are the best team for that. Our goal: the Champion’s League.

Antoine Jomier

CEO & Co-founder


Florence Moreau

CTO & Co-founder

Gaspard d’Assignies

CMO & Co-founder

Benoît Bayol

Principal Software Engineer & Data Scientist

Sylvain Rouquette

Software Architect

Nicolas Dehouck

Senior Software Engineer

Lucas Delannoy

Head of Marketing & Growth

Rémi Sanchez

Software Engineer

Martin Charachon

Research Engineer

Charlotte Pouchy

Head of Partnerships

Roberto Ardon

Chief Data Scientist

Pascal Zille

Data Scientist

Chloé Adam

Data Scientist

Laurence Gavit

Chief Clinical Officer

Gautier Lehobey

Software Engineer

Camille Koffi-Lemaitre

Integration Leader

Maxence Wallaert

Data Scientist

Adil Bousfiha

Application Sales Specialist

Léo Alberge

Data Scientist

Sandrine Aimé

Senior Software Engineer

Manon Saldou

Junior Designer

Lionel Tritschler

Deployment Engineer

Aurore Harbonnier

Head of Sales

Dr Vincent Barrau


Jean Michel Malbrancq


Prof. Dr Paul M Parizel

Associate & Senior Advisor

Baudouin Michelet

Associate & Senior Advisor

Jérome Vadon

Chief Design Officer & Co-founder

Dominique Blanc

Senior Advisor

François Caminade

Business Development Director

Romain Nicot

Change Manager

Alexandre Lemaresquier

Head of SecDevOps

Mathieu Ficara

Admin and Finance Leader

Camille Ruppli

Data Scientist

Chahra Louafi

Managing Partner, BPI France

Benjamin Maheu

Data scientist Intern

François Robinet

Managing Partner, AXA Venture Partners

Catherine Boule

Managing Partner, CapDécisif

Pierre Saudin

Business Intern

Yanis Amrane

Application Clinical Specialist

Clémence Morrilot

Full-stack intern

Guillaume Fabbi

Software Engineer

Bénédicte Oulhen

Application Specialist

Our values


Humility & Expertise



Join Us

Do you want to change the future of radiology? Are you passionate to work in a thriving and open environment where everything is yet to be created? Are you a commited professional with a strong set of values? Join us in our mission to change the face of medical imaging. Check out our job openings below or send us an email at

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